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This is Gower app

Smartphone users planning a trip around the stunning Gower peninsula can download a special interactive app that guides them around this magnificent location – the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The free app, entitled ‘This Is Gower’, is available through app stores for iOS (Apple) and Android devices – subject to minimum system requirements, i.e. you’ll need a newish phone with some memory on it.

Developed by the Gower Landscape Partnership and Audio Trails Ltd., popular locations such as Worms Head and Arthur’s Stone are included in the recently launched app as well as other less well-known spots, and will appeal to both visitors and locals alike.

Walking trails
As walking is the main way of accessing many of the peninsula’s special places, the app features 15 easy-to-follow trails varying in length and theme for users to explore – from a quick jaunt to visit the remains of World War Two defences on Mumbles Hill, to a longer trek that looks into the industrial past of Penclawdd, or a wild ramble out to Whiteford National Nature Reserve.

Along the way you’ll encounter over 80 places of interest that reveal stories about life on Gower; such as Iron Age forts, prehistoric caves, shipwrecks, collieries and copper works. App users will also be guided to spectacular views and nationally important nature reserves.

Using GPS, the app will also trigger audio clips and images of interesting sites as the app-user approaches them. You will be able to read fascinating stories, view enchanting photographs and hear directly from local people who share their expertise and passion for Gower and who have brought this app to life.

Fancy a ‘jorum’?!
Should a Gower local offer you a ‘jorum’, don’t be offended! ‘Jorum’ is Gower dialect for a large helping of tea (or beer – make sure you know which one!).

In the app there is a page and audio clips dedicated to this peculiar language that once flourished in the south of the peninsula, but which has now largely died out.

Other features
As well as being jam packed with fascinating anecdotes and archive images, additional features include the option for visitors to ‘take a selfie’ to create and send virtual postcards from their favourite Gower spot.

Real enthusiasts can set themselves the challenge of collecting ‘badges’ for all the places of interest…but the badges can only be ‘won’ by visiting each place. There is also the option to use the app in Welsh.