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Flying hedges

Where does a hedgelayer start when faced with a big hedge like this one?

Tangled hedge

Hedgelayers always use¬†thornproof gloves like long welder’s gloves even if it doesn’t seem to be a thorny hedge.

They start by trimming the brambles and growth out of the line of the hedge. They choose the stems that they want to keep and untangle branches growing together.

Before and after in one shot

The important bit is the angle of the cut they make before bending the stem over to lay it into position.

Laid stems

The angle of the laid stems needs to be the same, even if they are growing in the wrong direction to start with as below.

Flying hinges on hedge

A lot of brambles and waste branches come out of a laid hedge, as you can see on either side of the hedge below.

During and after second shot

New growth will come from the cut area and all along the length of the laid stem. Here’s the same hedge in June.

Laid hedge in June