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Surfing in Gower

Gower is famous as being a fantastic location for surfing! Its variety of bays, points and reefs means that there is something for everybody – from keen young ‘grommets’ to experienced old surfers in need of a new break to try. Adding to the joys of surfing here, some of the best spots can only be accessed after a walk down to the beach through glorious scenery.

Llangennith is the most popular break on Gower, named by the Guardian newspaper as one of the “top ten surf spots in the UK” and one of its ten “classic surf beaches”. Being a long bay there are opportunities for surfers of all levels of experience.

At the north end of Llangennith beach is the Three Peaks break under Burry Holms. To the south is Rhossili End, which is best when there is a south west swell. Caswell is an alternative spot for beginners and learners if Llangennith seems too gnarly!

Porthcawl is an alternative to Llangennith, with Rest Bay providing a good spot for beginners and Black Rock offering a little more challenge for intermediate surfers when the swell is big at low to medium tide.

Broughton Bay near to the caravan site is a popular spot when the swell is big, but can be quite dangerous because of a very strong rip current – so caution is advised. Not a place for beginners or those lacking in confidence.

Gower Reefs are limestone reefs between Rhossili and Port Eynon. There are a few of them and they are best left to the more experienced surfers. The most well known reefs are:

  • Sumpters – this was named after Rod Sumpter, a former UK Surf Champion, who discovered it. Sumpters can be dangerous as it can be fast and there are rocks below.
  • Boilers – this has some regular barrels but can be fast and fun.
  • Pete’s Reef – named after local surfer Pete Jones, Pete’s reef is the most popular reef as it is generally quite consistent. Jagged rocks make getting in and out of the water a challenge.

Other reefs can be found at the Falls Bay end of Mewslade.



The south facing bay at Eynon Port is a popular windsurfing location when the swell is big. Oxwich is another beach that’s good for both windsurfers and surfers alike; whilst Swansea bay is a good spot for beginner windsurfers when the wind is strong enough.

Llangland is a popular winter spot with three main breaks – The Reef, which is good for beginners, The Left, which is good for intermediate surfers and Crab Island for more experienced paddlers.

Aberavon and Cefn Sidan are also good breaks and there are more to be discovered on the many small bays around Gower.