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Evidence of Bronze Age settlement is limited on Gower. However, a midden (dung or kitchen waste heap) at Burry Holms has been found, suggesting that recycling was taking place long before modern times! Burnt mounds on Cefn Bryn have been dated to the Bronze Age, but their purpose or reason is not understood. Such sites are interesting as they are often located near to water sources or on waterlogged ground and comprise a mound of burnt stone and charcoal – unlikely places to start fires. Perhaps they were the locations of rituals, feasts or even saunas and sweat houses?

Footprints on the sands of time…

The winter storms of 2014 uncovered footprints on the beach at Port Eynon. The churning wave action removed sand from the beach and revealed an old mud bank with five footprints dating from between 2,300 – 700 BC: a very personal link to the people who once lived on Gower, many centuries ago.