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Overton and Port Eynon

Overton Cliff

This reserve forms part of the South Gower Coast SSSI. The vegetation here is predominantly limestone heath and scrub consisting of common and western gorse with heather, bell heather and some hawthorn and blackthorn. You may be able to spot green woodpeckers foraging for ants in the grassland, or perhaps bloody-nosed beetles on the path in summer: named after the red liquid they can secrete from the mouth.


Overton Mere

Overton Mere overlooks a bay a short distance from Overton village. It includes many of the habitats that can be found along the South Gower Coast, including scrub of hawthorn and blackthorn, heath, open limestone scree, improved and unimproved limestone grassland. The beach here is raised and dates back to the last ice age when sea levels were higher.


Port Eynon Point

Port Eynon Point dominates the western side of Port Eynon Bay. The reserve includes sea cliff, foreshore, limestone grassland and heath. In the past a large part of the reserve further inland was quarried for its limestone. The reserve is now an important spot for watching sea life, particularly the variety of birds that visit throughout the year, such as red-throated and great northern divers in January and February.