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About Gowers churches and chapels

The churches and chapels of Gower connect us to the ancient past of this special landscape, telling the stories of the people that have lived and worked here.

Christians have been worshipping on Gower for over 1,500 years. Although the oldest churches that exist today are just 800 years old, many have much older origins and were often founded on the sites of earlier structures from the Celtic period. Many have been renovated and restored since they were first built, creating layers of historical interest. Ancient artifacts, such as carvings and other remains, give us a glimpse into the lives of past communities and the faith that was central to people’s lives – helping to sooth the toil and hardships of working the land.

There are many churches and chapels to discover on Gower covering a number of different Christian denominations. For centuries they have been held as focal points for their small rural communities, providing places of worship, memorials to those killed in battle and sites of refuge during times of struggle. Today they are also inspirational places, offering opportunities take in the beauty of the landscape, experience nature and enjoy stunning architecture and craftsmanship.