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Anglicana and Wallicana

The Normans actively encouraged people from Devon, Somerset and Dorset to move to the fertile farmlands in the south and west of the Lordship, pushing the Welsh speakers to the north and east. These two distinct areas became known as Anglicana (English Gower) and Wallicana (Welsh Gower).

Anglicana and Wallicana continue to be two very distinct places especially in terms of language. The peninsula and the coastal part of Swansea are still predominantly English-speaking, while Welsh is spoken further north in places like Ystalyfera and Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen. The map above shows the boundary drawn by D. T. Williams in 1931. Today, place names indicate the differences between the two areas: for example, Reynoldston (English origins) and Llanrhidian (Welsh).